Pause for an Idea

What is an idea?
“a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action.”

Hello dear readers, we meet again on this blissful Friday. So recap on one of our previous sharing is pause for a moment and take walk if we ever stuck in the creative process. Guess what? It did helps.

So today I’ve been granted to do some media research at IOI Putrajaya. It’s been a while for me to drop by here. I’ve decided to snap certain places that is suitable to implement a wrapping ads. It’s another way for you to do other task then your daily norm. As for me a designer and video editor, I can say almost everyday you’ll be stuck in your pc to prepare your material.

So here is my first spot. It would be very eye catching if some agency managed to install a wallpaper on the bridge such as brand promo or awareness and etc. Because I believe most of the traffic is here. But easier said than done what if there’s a rain? What if some kids play around and peeled up the creative works right? but..

“no risk no magic”

Here some sample I managed to grab from Google.

Now the 2nd places that caught my attention is this beauty stairs. Too bad it only got this nice mural. I’m not against the art because me myself is the fan of mural and painting. I guess it’s the impact of working in the advertising environment for more than 2 years kekeke~

Rather than just a normal mural might as well they provide some advertising space such as below sample:

Nice rightttt?

Then i decide to go inside and take a walk in finding some fresh ideas

This is by far the most creative and very nice spot

The strategic location is ice skating. sheesh~ I bet 70% of the people inside will definitely decide to grab the brand after hours of skating.

Now I’ll be sharing some nice advertising medium special for you dear readers. Might as well if it did pop up some fresh ideas for you also.

Guess who’s here? I Hope my short sharing session will be a use for anyone who read this.
Till we meet again for the next session.

I’ll be ordering donut for a while 🤣

Bye byee and stay safee~

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