ZeroBase Omotesando New OPEN



Since the OOH market in Japan is gradually returning to a stable state,

Kesion ZeroBase series is coming back to Omotesando again!


ZeroBase Omotesando 2.0


In Omotesando, the fashion capital of Tokyo,

ZeroBase Omotesando 2.0 will be opened in late April.

相信有在follow我們的人都知道,以前2014年至2019年我們已經展開5年的ZeroBase Omotesando系列,也是ZeroBase的旗艦店,這次ZeroBase Omotesando 2.0的地點更加進化,位於表參道交差路口處,山陽堂書店旁邊。預計會比ZeroBase Omotesando 1.0更有宣傳效果。

For those of you who have been following us, you know that we have opened the ZeroBase Omotesando series for 5 years from 2014 to 2019, which is also the flagship store of ZeroBase. This time, ZeroBase Omotesando 2.0 is located at the intersection of Omotesando Road, next to Sanyodo Bookstore, it will be expected that more tourists, Omotesando residents and office workers will visit this store.

位置圖如下。Here is the map.

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