Countdown Event in Taiwan



Hi everyone, this is Justice online this week.

In October, Halloween and Christmas is around the corner, which always reminds us that it is the time to say good-bye to this year. We can feel this is the busiest and funniest period throughout the year because many holidays are celebrated.

I came from Taiwan, so this time I want to introduce the way our Taiwanese celebrate the new year holidays.


Even though there are no consecutive holiday during the New Year’s Eve, perhaps there are more things to do in Taiwan compare to Japan. In Taiwan, especially the top 3 cities (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung), Count-down concert will be held, which is the best place to celebrate the New Year for Taiwanese people. There are a lot of famous singers who are trending this year will performance on the stage, and any entered audiences can draw the lotteries (the biggest one is a car). The concerts are always held near the landscape fully prepared with fireworks, so I think most Taiwanese have experienced the count-down with really exciting fireworks to welcome the coming of New Year.


Among the top 3 cities of Taiwan, the most famous and get eye-catching from all over the world is Taipei 101 fireworks. On New Year’s Eve, around Taipei 101, all the roads will be full of people which attracts not only the local Taiwanese, but the visitors from many countries who came for 101 fireworks.


What a lively celebration of New Year in Taiwan! Because people from everywhere all gather around to see the fireworks, I can say it is also the biggest chance for every advertiser to promote their products. Around every intersection near 101, there are a lot of digital signages which display not only the count-down concert but also a lot of commercials, especially many unique advertisements impress people who is waiting for the fireworks, it is really the best time to promote the service and merchandise in New Year’s Eve in Taiwan.



Throughout the year, the count-down event is my favorite one. It is very different from Japan, everyone in Taiwan always spends time with friend instead of family. We go to karaoke all night, or go to see some night view, it is really happy when spending the time with who you treasure on this special day.

Hope everyone can come to see the lively New Year’s Eve in Taiwan.

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