Junction Square Shopping Mall

Mingalaba! This is Yasuda, Myanmar Expat!


Yet saying that would make you unable to work in a developing country, so don’t let it effect you! You just have to live with taking good care of yourself …


Ippudo and pepper lunch are even available in Myanmar! I personally go to Ippudo at least once a week.

さて、その貴重な日本食屋が2件も入ってるショッピングモールがここJunction Squareです。写真でも分かるように、大きな屋外イベントスペースがあり、よく車メーカーなどが試乗イベントを実施します。またそれ以外にもスポーツイベントや音楽イベントもよく行われます。
As per the title, it is Junction square mall that has those two precious Japanese restaurants. As you can see in the pictures, there is a large outdoor event space, and car manufacturers often conduct test drive events. There are also sports and music events.

By the way, when I play Myanmar songs at a karaoke shop in Myanmar, the scenes of the concerts are mostly used.

the inside of the shops are fascinated though,


Such a shop that is common in Myanmar


Jewelry lover Myanmar, jewelry stores are a must!

There is Timberland.

Japanese ally! DAISO too!

and definitely a movie theater!


There is also a tapioca shop that has just opened recently! even though I haven’t tried tapioca drink in Japan yet I have tried it in Myanmar. (such an over 50 years old man…) It is very popular among young people in Myanmar.


Although it is such a shopping mall, it has very little media space and it is a very difficult mall for a media publishing. However, if you have client needs, we can always make new advertisements , so please contact us anytime.

そんなわけで、また次回! タター!
This is it for Today, until next time! TaTa…!

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