3 Local Animation Movies that Shock Malaysia

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– the technique of photographing successive drawings or positions of puppets or models to create an illusion of movement when the film is shown as a sequence –

It seems that the development of Malaysian animated films is one that can be a source of great pride for the results.

Upin Ipin Keris Siamang The Movie

Boboiboy The Movie

Ejen Ali The Movie

The animated film has won the premiere of a local hit film for a whopping RM1.8 million since its release on November 28.

Primeworks Studios and Wau Animation have set new records for the first day of local animated films.

We’ll be sharing to you guys about Upin Ipin for today posting. hhe~

Previously I have the opportunity to attend their 1st ever Upin Ipin Karnival in Melaka.

It was WOW and just Woww!

Les’ Copaque Team at Counter Ticket

I believe the crowd was overwhelming with the hype as this two twin character success in booking their children a childhood in the future later on.

As for us in Malaysia. We always watch other countries animation such as Japan, Studio Ghibli or US which is well known as the Walt Disney.

You can watch the video of this event from here!

I still remember the first time Upin ipin was first aired is during Ramadhan on TV9 on 13 September 2007. The local animation hit the country like a bomb. It became the word of mouth across the whole country. 1st ever Malaysia Animation that debut via the Disney Channel Asia

Let me brief a bit how the story start

“Upin and Ipin are five-year-old Malaysian twins who reside with their elder sister Ros and grandmother Uda (whom they call Opah) in a village house in Kampung Durian Runtuh. They have lost their parents in their infancy. Upin and Ipin study in the village’s Tadika Mesra (kindergarten), with a group of classmates, including the adorable and right-thinking Mei Mei, a joker and poetic Jarjit Singh, the clumsy and short-tempered Ehsan, an easygoing and sarcastic Fizi (Ehsan’s cousin), and an entrepreneurial and meticulous Mail.”

“The headman of Kampung Durian Runtuh is Isnin bin Khamis, better known as Tok Dalang Ranggi, the Wayang Kulit champion. Tok Dalang keeps a cluster of rambutan trees for commercial purposes, and a rooster named “Rembo”. Among the village’s other notable residents are Muthu, owner of the village’s only food stall who lives with his animal whisperer son Rajoo and pet steer Sapy; Salleh (Sally), a transgender-apparent who owns a mobile library; and Ah Tong, a strident-voiced vegetable farmer. A new character was later added in the series who is an Indonesian girl named Susanti who moved in with her family.”

Oh not to forget they even advertise with us through our A-Synapse.

I believe some of recipe to their success is an idea, teamwork and a little spark of passion.

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