Empty Pocket in Shanghai

TGIF! I’m Stella, this is my first debut here as one of the beauties in the ‘beauties and a beast’ team. I have been missing in action for 18 months and finally back at work again. I am a globetrotter so name me a place, I can tell you hundreds of stories.

I keep myself up to date, in all forms xD

I have been dreaming about going back to work during my 18 months “vacation” and constantly checking my work emails, without getting paid though. *laughs*
So fret not, you might not know me but I have been checking you out.

I never felt so out dated until recently I went home – Shanghai for the first time in 2 years. As usual, this city did not let me down but inspired and surprised me.

Would you believe I was the ONLY one who used cash in Shanghai? None of a single souls in the city uses cash anymore. Everyone has smartphone pay, even the HOMELESS!

I have been hearing from my local friends for a thousand times but I didn’t believe until I saw it on my own this time. The homeless usually hold a board with a QR code on the street. If you are in the mood for donating, the only thing you need to do is to scan his QR code, press the amount that you are going to donate, all is done in less than 1 second!

They say you can’t live without water but in this city you can’t live without a smartphone, literally. I have to admit digital pay is safe, quick, and convenient though.

Was just taking a picture and he asked, how many potatoes do you want?

Not forgetting to update myself about the medias in Shanghai, here are a few of my favorites!

Even thought there are a lot of pros in smartpay, somehow I still like to pay by cash (being occasionally old fashioned) as I am used to Japan, where the country has a good mix on being conventional and innovative.

In Japan, most people prefer cash rather than the digital ways. In fact, a lot of shops and restaurants only accept cash. I wonder why too…

I guess firstly, this place is SAFE. The number of pick pockets, break-ins and etc. in overall, theft is extremely low. People don’t feel uncomfortable being ‘rich’ walking around with hundreds and thousands of yen. Even if a wallet is lost, it is most often returned with all the cash intact. The safety of the country cannot be overlooked as a key reason why Japan hasn’t felt the urgency to make daily transactions digital.

Another reason could be the NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES. People here keep their savings at home.

Lastly, because of NATURAL DISASTERS definitely. When earthquake happens, there will often be electricity breakdown. No electricity means no electronic money, so in case of a blackout, cash is still the king!

Speaking of blackout, I’m going to have a blackout soon if I don’t eat something now. Taking my cash and going out for lunch.

Write you again soon!

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