Thingyan, သင်္ကြန် Water Festival in April

How much do you know about MYANMAR ?????

I live in there, a golden land, Myanmar. As every country celebrates the New Year, we also have that kind of tradition. Then, we prioritize the religion very much, which is an essential aspect of life for Burmese people, we have like festivals in every Burmese calendar.

Among of this festival, there has the one which can get over the unluckiness for the whole year if we celebrate in this festival. That is what called “Thingyan Water Festival”, we celebrate this New Year festival in every year of April.

Signature of Thingyan

It`s the most significant annual festival on the Myanmar calendar; it marks the start of the New Year, the beginning of the Myanmar lunar calendar and celebrates life and rebirth.

There is one unique thing as a remark of Thingyan….., isn’t it ???

What is that named for!!!

It’s PADAUK , these are flowers, usually blossoms in tiny fragrant yellow-gold flowers in April, especially once a year, coinciding with the Myanmar New Year festival. It is the flower of Myanmar Rosewood tree. Once in bloom, the entire tree turns gold overnight. The Myanmar regard the Padauk tree as the symbol of strength and durability. The beautiful flower also signifies youth, love and romance. The PADAUK can be found throughout the country.

Things what to do in Thingyan Water Festival!

We celebrate Thingyan, သင်္ကြန်,Water Festival about for 4 or 5 days, according to Burmese Calender.

  • Welcoming Thingyan with traditional Dance and A-Tar Flower Pot on the very first day!
  • Splashing water on the Second day and also in the third day!

If we splash water to each other, it can get out of unluckiness for the whole year.

  • Thingyan Htamin and Mont-Lone-Yay-Paw, traditional foods that we eat only in Thingyan Festival!

Thingyan Htamin is as a main dish and Mont-Lone-Yay-Paw is just a kind of appetizer making from glutinous rice flour fill inside with jaggary or palm sugar and sometimes fill with chili just for fun.

Now I’m writing about this Festival, I just miss my country much, cause I have no one to rely on here, Japan but I will try to get know more intimately.

I hope you all enjoy when you read this one.



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