Welcome to Kesion’s new pop-up; onexone

On the right side of Shinjuku Station South gate, you can find an escalator to the MYLORD Mall

And if you come up..

Here’s our pop-up store onexone, newly opened this month!

Anyone can come in and enjoy different types of products/brands that are prepared in rotation

Starting with the cosmetics from the entrance

One of my recommendations is this Korean cosmetic brands called Huxley

From lips to skincare, we have all except for what we don’t have haha

Another recommendation other than cosmetics is this beautiful handmade bags

It was designed by a French designer and every bag she makes is THE ONLY ONE

If you come in little further inside, another section is waiting for you

After passing by here on the right side of the stairs connected to the 1st floor,

little spacious area with a fitting room is ready for you as well

At the moment, we have shoes, bags and clothes from Unoha also using the space on the 1st floor

You can go down to see more on the 1st floor and in the middle if you look on the right side,

a special place for relaxing area with a greenish blue wall ready, perfect for a quick photo spots

Let me introduce one last cosmetic out of all these foreign brands

THE PURE LOTUS, another Korean cosmetic and this is only available in our store other than online!

All the ingredients are extracted from Jeju Island, known as Korean Hawaii or Okinawa

Jeju is where Saebyuk, the main female character in Squid Game, wanted to visit with her brother

Why not come and experience our brand new place with a broad range of products this weekend?

Don’t miss out some of our exclusive brands!

Check out our online store too;


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