Interested in birthday advertising for your idol? Welcome Fanclubs!

Hi there, especially for those of who are the fans of any idol group!

Recently, the number of inquiries from fanclubs has increased; mostly because they would like to celebrate by implementing the birthday ad for their idols.

This unique way of celebrating for their idols’ anniversary, “The fan-culture” has been spreading internationally among the K-POP fans outside the country!

And of course, advertising in Japan could be one of your options for sure😏

Would you like to see some of our implements of famous K-POP idols?

Here comes the BTS🤩

Poster domination at the subway station!

AD Truck is also possible!

Multivision at the East exit of Shinjuku station for JO-1

NCT’s member Lucas at A&T Multi Vision near Shinjuku Station

Nightview of the same media for NCT’s Japanese member Yuta; done last week!

Another one for Yuta at his hometown in Osaka using station signage

Huge 3-screen vision near Shinjuku station for Chinese idol Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s fan club; so eye-catching isn’t it?!

These two signages mentioned above; Yunika Vision and SHINJUKU A&T East Exit Multi Vision are the top two recommendations for the fanclubs looking for a fine media in Tokyo!

Or even overseas media in Europe such as Paris; BTS again😉

Or even in Korea!I, as a Korean, can find you a stunning media for you!

Interested in birthday advertising for your idol?

Welcome Fanclubs!

We are here for you😊



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