General Election in Myanmar


Hello, this is Yasuda from Myanmar!


The general election is held every 5 year in Myanmar and 2020 is the year. The last election was back in November of 2015; Myanmar’s democracy has finally begun to take root after Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) won a historic landslide.


Until then, there was a general election in 2010, and before that, the election had not been held for 25 years because it was a military government.


When you go out into the city, it’s a little different from Japan, but there are signs of each political party everywhere.

ミャンマーの政党は13あり、国民民主連盟や、軍系の政党、民族系の政党があります。各党応援者はすごく熱狂的で、5年前は街中がお祭り(?)の様でしたが、今年はStay home期間なので、本当にひっそりしています。ただ、ニュースで出ていますが、地方ではお祭り騒ぎになってるようです。

Myanmar has 13 political parties, including the National League for Democracy, military parties and ethnic parties. The supporters of each party are very enthusiastic, and five years ago the whole city was like a festival(?) but this year it’s really quiet due to ‘Stay Home’. However, according to the news report, it seems like it’s still festival-like in the countryside.

さて、今回候補者は6,800人立候補しており、選挙の方法は日本で言う比例区のようで、投票者は政党名を投票するそうです。2院制になっていて、民族代表院(上院)が168議席+軍指定枠56議席 合計224議席。人民代表院(下院)が323議席+軍指定枠117議席 合計440議席。この軍指定枠が憲法上残ってるので、いろいろ弊害が出ています。

Now, there are 6,800 candidates running, and the election method seems to be a proportional representation district in Japan, where voters vote for the party name. It has a two-chamber system, and the National Assembly (upper house) has 168 seats and 56 military-designated seats, totaling 224 seats. The People’s Congress has 323 seats and 117 military-designated seats, totaling 440 seats. Since this military designation system is still remaining in the Constitution, there are many negative effects.


Anyway, 6,800 candidates are running for 664 seats.


This year’s general election is largely expected to be won by the ruling party. However, as people gather at each polling station in one day, there is a question of whether measures to prevent infection can be taken properly, and according to Myanmar’s rules, voting is held at the registered address. However, due to the restriction on domestic movement, voter turnout is expected to decrease.


November 8th is the voting day. This is an important general election that will determine Myanmar’s next five years. All we foreigners can do is to just wait. However, there is no doubt that the result will affect the business, so I will keep a close watch on it.



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