ZeroBase Labs GINZA

Hey guys,


You might aware of Ginza area of Tokyo,

One of the most expensive areas in Japan and in the world,

Like SOHO in NYC, Champs-Élysées in Paris, as known as an upscale area of numerous department high fashion flagship boutiques, upscale restaurants and coffee shops/bars.

Especially around Ginza 4-chome crossing,

there are symbolic architectures of Ginza, such as the Ginza Mitsukoshi department store opened in 1930 and Wako clock tower built in 1932. Ginza 4-chome is also known as the most expensive land in Japan.

Here I’d like to introduce our brand new media ad space (event/activity space) which called “ ZeroBase Labs GINZA 4- chome crossing”,

ZeroBase Labs GINZA

Literally, its located at the most expensive land in Japan, Ginza 4-chome crossing.

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