The Rainy Season Is Coming


Mingalaba! This is Yasuda from Myanmar.


Nothing special happened or has particularly changed since I either go to work once a week or visit a supermarket for shopping. And guess what, here comes the looooong monsoon.

ミャンマーと言うより、ヤンゴンの雨季と言うと、5月末ころから10月まで! 5ヵ月間!! しかも、朝から夜まで、ずーーーーーっと、雨模様なので、本当に飽きてきます。。

Well, the monsoon in Yangon, Myanmar, lasts for 5 months; usually, it starts raining at the end of May and continues until October, every single day. I think I’m getting sick and tired of it already.


However, this seasonal phenomenon is only for Yangon and the south part of the area; the same monsoon in the north, but only the squalls in the evening.


That’s why we go on business trips to other cities, like Mandalay and Naypyitaw, every August, but I don’t think that’s possible this year.


Especially, the rain in the evening sucks. It seems like the cloud is shouting “The rain is almost here!”


Right, you can’t see anything through the rain, that bad.


Well, the bright side is that because most people spend their time at home this year, the streets are less littered with trash and thus no floods!!


After the rare heavy rain, sometimes, you may be able to see this beautiful sunset; somewhat like a reward or something.


Well then see you later alligator, Tata!

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