Business Trip to Malaysia

Mingalaba! This is Yasuda, Myanmar Expat!

This time I was on a business trip to Malaysia, I stayed there for about 6 days.

Since Myanmar and Malaysia are Buddhist and Islamic countries, you can imagine that the customs, cultures, and ways of thinking from religious views are completely different.

Perhaps because I am Japanese and relatively close to Buddhist culture, the design of Islamic culture looks beautiful.

By the way, most of the city in Malaysia has been amazingly developed in the last three years!


The photo shows the AEON Mall in Malaysia, the number of beautiful shops has increased.


As usual pavilion was still decorated with CNY.

Malaysians, who have always been around for a long time, like to use Japanese as their store name.

今回の出張の目的の一つ、Kesion Malaysiaのクライアント、Aman Palestinのプレスカンファレンスに出席して来ました。パレスチナ問題に取り組むNPOです。

One of the goals of this trip was attending a press conference by Kesion Malaysia’s client Aman Palestine. An NPO working on the Palestinian issue.

The language was all Malay, so I couldn’t understand anything at all, but it’s no surprise that there are many people in Malaysia who are interested in Palestinian issues, it was my little discovery.

写真は、ローカルハラルレストランで頼んだアイスコーヒー! 少し前までは、ハラルレストランで ブラックアイスコーヒーを頼む事はほぼ無理でした!
The photo shows an iced coffee ordered at a local halal restaurant! Not long ago, it was almost impossible to order black ice coffee at a halal restaurant!

With such a surprises, I came back to Myanmar!

this is it for Today, Ciao!

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