The Ginza Comeback

Wondering what is this strange word? ただいま(Tadaima) means “I am back”. It is a shortened version of the original Japanese phrase “tadaima kaerimashita,” means “I just came home.” In response to Tadaima, we say おかえりなさい (Okaerinasai) or おかえり (Okaeri) which is “welcome home.” Tadaima and okaeri are two of the most common Japanese greetings at home. In fact, we use this in the workplace too!

(Did we successfully increased your knowledge of Japanese vocabulary? haha)

So, ただいま!We are back to tell you more about Ginza in continuation of our previous post!

In Ginza, almost all of the available medias are in static format mostly located on building walls and rooftops along the main Chuo Dori. The medias are usually occupied by luxury brands and airline clients most of the time. Let us just run through with you regarding a campaign that we did for Farfetch covering various locations in Ginza including the station.

GINZA SEVEN pillars in Ginza Station
Ginza Premium Set in Ginza station
Ginza Premium Set in Ginza station
Sony Building Square Wall

Also a banner as long as 192 square meter at Sony Building Ginza located right at the main intersection of Ginza and Yurakucho area and directly in front of the
Hermès’ flagship store of in Japan.

On the exact same building, we have also previously campaigned for Versace on the Big Wall.

While the buildings in Ginza blend in with colorful advertisements, located closely to the Sony building is the Maison Hermès, looking simple and elegant instead with its building walls made from glass blocks inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns designs. During the day, it creates curiosity as to ​​what lies in the building while at night when the lights are on, the entire building glows from within.

During the festive season of Christmas, Hermès released a special game site named “HERMES JINGLE GAMES!” where people could enjoy fun greeting contents from for a limited time . During the period from December 7th to 25th , they opened a playground at Ginza Sony Park with the same concept as the game. What made it more attractive was the projection mapping of the game on the building itself, adding more excitement and fun for shoppers in the Ginza area.

Projection mapping at night.

Medias are not just limited to what’s overground, but also what is available under the Ginza Sony Building , which is located right next to the Maison Hermès .A very classy looking media – Ginza Sony Ad Pillar.

Ginza Yamano Music building wall wrap

Next to WAKO (a very very famous watch shop) and opposite Mitsukoshi (a high fashion luxury department store) is the main Ginza intersection ,which is also the well broadcasted on tv news, showing Chinese tourists enjoying their shopping spree. One of our Chinese clients – Bank of Communications have advertised on Ginza Yamano Music building, which is literally just a few steps away from the intersection!

Client: Mexico Tourism Board

Last but not least, to wrap up this post, we would like to show you the only digital media available in Ginza – the Multi Concourse Vision (MCV) in Ginza Station. The digital panels are located near Tokyo Metro Ginza line, Hibiya line and Marunouchi line exit. For your information, even the upper class crowds take trains to do their high end purchases, so train station medias or in train medias itself are really highly circulated medias.

Let us know if you want to know more! Till the next post…

Have a good weekend! 🙂

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